Hold on to your seats.... the hottest lip color right now is brown, yes BROWN!

I've been using it on photoshoots and myself as well.  It goes with everything, even purple hair, and looks flattering and fresh.

Here are my faves:

RMSBeauty in Moment

Gisele loves this color because it counters the natural redness in her lips, that's what her makeup artist and founder of RMS Beauty, Rose-Marie Swift, told me.  Available at ABC Home

Nina Van Bree w/Women

Amanda Norgaard w/IMG Models
I used Revlon Ingenue on these models and I think it's better and fresher than nude.  Nude was so two years ago!

Are you convinced the hottest color is brown?  I hope so!!!

Makeup Trends for Spring

 If there is one trend I noticed on the runway at NY Fashion Week it is that makeup is minimal.

There were bits of emphasis here and there but overall the looks were clean, groomed and bare.

At Rag & Bone, there was a little white shine on the eyelid with a well groomed brow, at Altuzarra there was a little fake lash on the upper and lower lids in the center of the eye with a pale pink lip, and at Oscar de la Renta the look was graphic black eyeliner with a subtle pink stain on the cheeks and lip.

Rag & Bone


Oscar makeup demo

 Some products you will want to have are:  NARS multiple in Copacabana , Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, and NARS lipstick in Roman Holiday.




Purple is the New Black

I have been obsessed with purple lately - specifically shades of lilac.

Like this lip and cheek stain combo from Benefit.  It's the perfect summer shade and looks great with a tan.

My favorite nail polish is Chanel's Sweet Lilac.

Enjoy the last month of summer by drinking the PURPLE KOOL-AID like me.  

Okay, and I recently had my hair dyed a shade of grayish purple - thanks Michael M @Veer & Wander Salon
And my hair cut by Andre Gunn @Brydges MacKinney 

photo by Dennis Sanner

Rag & Bone Behind the Scenes

During New York's Fashion Week (Feb 7 - 14) I worked on 5 shows with Gucci Westman.  Rag & Bone was our first show and then the big snow storm hit.

Here are some shots from behind the scenes of the makeup Gucci designed.  Guido did the hair.

Rain turned to slush and then snow
The next morning

Karlie's New Cut

Supermodel Karlie Kloss has a new haircut thanks to Garren.  It's a just above-the-shoulder length bob with bangs!

Personally, I love it.  It's refreshing when I see a model that's willing to cut the long tresses.