Apres Summer Sun Damage

Now that summer is over I'm noticing all the brown spots on my face! Sun damage.  And I was so careful putting on SPF 30 everyday.  Instead of using laser I want to try a skin lightening treatment to see if it works.  I've noticed a proliferation of these kinds of products right now (Kiehl's, Clinique, just about every company has one).

I will be using Marie Veronique's Skin Lightening Duet which was given to me by the company.  I use Marie Veronique Organic Skincare already so I'm eager to see if this product is effective. I will be using it every night for 50 days so check back to see if it worked!

Here's my face now.

15 Red Soldiers

Today I decided to count all my red lipsticks.
I love red lips and am always searching for the perfect shade.  I may already own it but I'm still a sucker for a new one.

Favorites : Nars Red Lizard, Chanel #22 Rouge Star, Mac Russian Red

in love with LOVE

On my way to pick up a copy of the 90th Anniversary Issue of French Vogue, I also picked up a copy of LOVE.  I haven't even cracked the cover of Vogue because I am so enthralled with LOVE.  It is a biannual publication out of Britain. This is the 4th issue and comes with 8 different covers. Inspirational!

Purple Rules

Step aside Particuliere and make way for Paradoxal, Chanel's coolest shade from Fall 2010 collection.  Ok, maybe I'm a bit slow, but I just gave up the grey for griolet (does anyone like this word?) I think it's going to be on my nails for a while.  And look how nicely it goes with Marc Jacobs' palette for Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2011
LV Spring 2011


Nude lipstick is a must for Fall. Picking a complementary shade can be tricky because you can suddenly look washed out.  I suggest one with a little pink and not too much beige or grey.  A good one is Revlon's New Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude.  You can also layer it over your favorite color.