One Thing Leads to Another

These warm days really put me in the mood for summer so I made strawberry shortcake....

Photo by Antonis Achilleos

At Old Navy the styling crew looked so summery in their dresses....
Elizabeth, Cindy, Laurel
Photo by Hans Kwiotek

The floral dresses reminded me of Stella McCartney's Spring 2011 collection....

Leva Laguna

Which made me think of the farmer's market....

Photo by Kathryn Hill
Which made me want to bake something.

My Faux Birkin

I just got my long awaited tote from ThursdayFriday.  It took awhile (I ordered it in Feb) but it was worth the wait.  It's much sturdier than I thought it would be with thick canvas on the outside and a cotton lining with a small pocket on the inside.  The Birkin images are on all sides of the bag - including the bottom!!  On my first day out with it the stylist and photographer I was working with went NUTS over it.

Unfortunately, so did Hermes.  They are suing ThursFri for using the Birkin images without permission. You can read about it on the Huffington Post.  I hate it when the big guy goes after the little guy. If anything the knockoff is generating a lot of press that benefits both companies.  I mean this tote has been getting a lot of attention from the fashion press and selling like hotcakes.  I first saw it in the Sunday New York Times Style Section and then later on some fashion blogs I follow.  I think Hermes is a little green with envy, don't you?

Gorgeous Summer Hair

I love sun-kissed messy beach inspired hair in the summer.  Try a look with loose braids, a messy knot, low pony or pigtails, feathers, flowers or chains for a change and let the wind blow!

This is for the really daring.