Rag & Bone Behind the Scenes

During New York's Fashion Week (Feb 7 - 14) I worked on 5 shows with Gucci Westman.  Rag & Bone was our first show and then the big snow storm hit.

Here are some shots from behind the scenes of the makeup Gucci designed.  Guido did the hair.

Rain turned to slush and then snow
The next morning

Karlie's New Cut

Supermodel Karlie Kloss has a new haircut thanks to Garren.  It's a just above-the-shoulder length bob with bangs!

Personally, I love it.  It's refreshing when I see a model that's willing to cut the long tresses.

Work with Piperlime

I have been working with Piperlime and having a blast with our talented team.  Our model Alissa is so versatile that I love changing her hair and makeup.

Photographer Joe Budd
Art Director Rachel Eden
Stylist Pauline Montupet
Model Alissa at Wilhelmina