Old Navy Work

One of my favorite clients to work for is OLD NAVY.  We always have a such a great time with lots of energy!!!  Here are some images from a recent shoot.

Velvet Eye Shadows

I was at Sephora today perusing the rows of makeup in my usual detached manner, with way too many interruptions from the staff offering "help".  Can't a girl explore on her own for 5 minutes???  Calm down retail pushers!

A display near the front door caught my eye.  Always on the lookout for velvety creme shadows, I started testing the Sephora brand Prisma Chrome Eye Shadow.   I was pretty amazed - the texture is something between a creme and a powder.  It goes on like a creme but stays put like a powder with intense even color.  I was sold on the Moon Beam as soon as I tried in on the back of my hand, couldn't decide between the Sand Shimmer and the Bronze Brilliance, the Burgundy Gem was a no brainer as everyone looks good in plum, and the Black Diamond I had to get because you always need it for a smokey eye.  This black is really more like dark charcoal.  

I love using my fingers to apply makeup and with this product it works like a dream.  At $15 a pop you can't go wrong.  The Emerald Facet was not in stock or I would have gotten that one as well.  Apparently they are flying off the shelves but I think you can still get them all on line at Sephora.com

*****Here's to a BEAUTIFUL YEAR 2012*****

These are the ones I bought.  Can't wait to use them on my next shoot.