Backstage at Oscar de la Renta

I love working on Oscar's show.  He has great girls, good food, and I always see cool fashion people backstage.  This year I ran into Bill Cunningham of the New York Times and Andre Leon Talley, Vogue's Editor at Large.

Gucci Westmant designed a beautiful look for Oscar's Spring 2012 collection.  It was all about the skin which she made luminescent with products like Revlon's Age Defying Face Illuminator.  We applied this on the upper cheek bones, bridge of the nose, and chin. And once the girls were dressed, on any exposed skin.

The makeup look was inspired by Pre-Raphaelite portraits.  Here are some examples by Rossetti.

Gucci's demo photo.

Working hard to get the girls ready... the chaos that is backstage.

We smudged a dark brown creme eye shadow under the eyelid and a brown powder in the eye socket of the upper lid to create a romantic looking eye.  A spot of creme blush on the cheek was a mixture of peach and hot pink.  The lips had a hint of Revlon's Fashion Night's Pout - which is a nude with just enough pink to keep the lips healthy looking, not ghostly.  A groomed brow and a bit of mascara finished the look.

Orlando did the hair using a technique I had never seen.  He took sections of the hair and wove it around extra large bobby pins, then applied heat with a flat iron.  When he took it out all he had to do was brush it and Voila!  You have big BIG HAIR.  


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